The Battle For Abortion Rights for Women in Northern Ireland Isn’t Over

Published by The Fawcett Society  Upon exiting the doors of Central Station in Belfast City Centre you enter into the heart of the city, into a bustling, vibrant tourist hub. With countless seas of international tourists, buses offering tours around the historic sites and streets upon streets of bars and eateries, Belfast is a weekend […]

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Women You Should Know: Leyla Hussein

 Published on http://www.peachynkeen.com  When I thought about the topic of ‘Women You Should Know’ many name came to mind. But  I knew I wanted to explore someone contemporary; current and at the front line of activism. Within this framework, there was one lady who came to mind, leaps and bounds beyond the rest – Leyla Hussein Leyla Hussein is a Somali […]

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Artist Interview: Roman Lipczynski

Article printed in CultureHUB Magazine  My name’s Roman. I’m from Poland. I’ve been living in Ireland for three years. I used to work as a photographer and a writer in my country. It was a lifetime ago… I left my country. I found a job here, in Ireland. Physical one, in a factory. My hobbies […]

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Artist Interview: Go Girl Collective

Article printed in CultureHUB Magazine  Go Girl are a Belfast based collaborative creative community of women that believe in feminism, opportunity and inclusion. They hold pop up exhibitions, gigs, some produce a podcast and have even been involved in TEDX Talks at Stormont, amongst many other things. They’re passionate about offering support  to other creatives, […]

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Artist Interview: John Baucher

Article printed in CultureHUB Magazine  John Baucher is a photographer and artist from Tandragee, Co Armagh. He has travelled extensively with his work, dealing with broad and diverse subject matters. He creates work that explores themes of identity, self and belonging. His most recent series, ‘It Is Nothing New’ is an exploration of immigration, the […]

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The Kite Runner | Theatre Review

Article printed in CultureHUB Magazine  We experience stage adaption of Khaled Hosseini’s best-selling novel The Kite Runner through the first-person narrative of Amir, played by Raj Ghatak, who breaks free from the scenes unfolding around him, to offer lengthy monologues of conscience, fears and hopes to the audience. Amir is a grown man living in […]

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Janey Godley | Stand-Up Review

Article printed in CultureHUB Magazine  There are some people in this world that you know not to cross and after Friday night’s show as part of the Belfast Book Festival, comedian Janey Godley has firmly established herself as one of them.  With an audience intimate enough, that the event could take place in a large […]

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Soldier Still | Preview

Article printed in CultureHUB Magazine    Soldier Still, the latest collaborative project from the imaginative dance theatre company Junk Ensemble brings together an exceptionally diverse cast of Irish and international dancers as well as former soldiers to create a remarkable and at times harrowing piece of dance theatre. Junk Ensemble, founded by identical twin sisters […]

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